Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Occupation...
Well I wouldn't really call it an occupation as much as a passion. I work for the CrossRoads Pregnancy Center in Greenwood, South Carolina. The CrossRoads Pregnancy Center has been in existence for over 20 years in the Greenwood Area. We serve women and men in the area by providing pregnancy tests, prenatal classes, parenting classes, material assistance and much more.

I first started working at the center as an intern when I was in school at Lander. The center has provided a place for me to use the gifts that God gave me and be a light for him. The center has undergone a huge renovation in the last month to provide revenue to help sustain us in this economy. We are putting up the "Great Wall of China" and making two buildings in one. We are renovating for the New ReSale Store!!!

The ReSale Store is going to be selling furniture, clothes, household items and much more! If you would like to donate to the center you can check out our website at www.crossroadspregnancysc.org

Below are some pics of the renovations!

Making fun out of something! :)

Joey McClinton (my daddy) doing what he does best, working hard!

Everything at the center is always a Team Effort!

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